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Pharmacy Benefit Managers – the Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Behind the High Cost of Drugs

Local pharmacies are being forced to turn away patients and even going out of business. This is due to Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), multi-billion dollar companies

Delivery driver Mark sitting in his car outside Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy Beep beep! Check out our delivery vehicle!

Experience a stress-free pharmacy trip at Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy – we offer free delivery service, convenient curbside-pickup, and treat you like family. We are committed to providing you with a seamless healthcare experience tailored to your needs.

Free Senior Vaccines

Free Senior Vaccines

Jun 28 2023

Did you know that folks ages 65+ now have access to free routine vaccinations at Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy?

Moho Delivery Vehicle Free Delivery to Mount Horeb & Beyond

Can’t make the trip to the pharmacy? Don’t worry, we’ll bring it to you! Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy can bring you what you need from…

Help Your Local Pharmacy!

You can make a difference! Did you know that giant companies called Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMS) are the reason your drug costs keep going up…

New Way of Testing for COVID-19 at Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy

If you need a test pull up outside the pharmacy and call. One of our pharmacy staff members will come out to the curb to help you take a witnessed (or proctored) antigen test-which is also referred to as a rapid test.

Matt & Jen, owners of Mt. Horeb Family Pharmacy Mt. Horeb Family Pharmacy to Remain In-Network With Navitus for 2023

Navitus Members Can Continue To Fill Their Prescriptions At Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy. We’re pleased to announce that we have signed a new contract with…

Shop Local “Shop Mount Horeb” Gift Card

Support Your Local Community We’re excited to announce that we now accept the local “Shop Mount Horeb” Gift Card! Use this card at participating locations…

Matt McGowan, full body, standing outside Mt. Horeb Pharmacy, smiling Meet Mount Horeb Owner and Pharmacist, Matt McGowan

Being able to practice in our own locally-owned independent store allows me the freedom to perform high-level services beyond just dispensing medications.

Jen Weiland standing outside Mt. Horeb Pharmacy, smiling Get to Know Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy Owner and Manager, Jen Weiland

It’s so rewarding to hear from previous coworkers and realize that my work and efforts have made a difference for others.