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Get to Know Jen Weiland

Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy Co-Owner and Manager

Jen & Matt working at Mt. Horeb

How long have you worked in the pharmacy business?

I’ve been fortunate to work in a variety of areas within pharmacy from big chains to mid-sized, and now a locally-focused family pharmacy.

My journey began when I worked as a part-time pharmacy technician in 2000 while finishing my bachelor’s degree at UW-Madison. It was meant to be a job to fill my time before graduate school, but I ended up loving the work and turned it into a career!

We’re able to build true relationships with our patients and take the time to offer advice and guidance — no matter how big or small. In our local pharmacy, we are blessed to have those opportunities every day.

Jen Weiland standing outside Mt. Horeb Pharmacy, smiling

Flash-forward a decade (give or take), and once my son was in school, I began working for a mid-sized pharmacy group. I’m incredibly grateful for that experience because I was able to learn about many of the “back end” administrative pieces of running a pharmacy. When a  position opened up within that company to manage a pharmacy within a retirement community, I jumped at the opportunity to work with such a tight-knit community. This experience made me realize that I was far happier serving patients directly, rather than being administrative support. So when the opportunity arose to continue my career as a co-owner of Mount Horeb  Family Pharmacy with a pharmacist I highly respect, it was an easy decision!

How long have you lived/worked (or both) in Mount Horeb?

I started working for Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy in September 2021. Matt and I have worked together in different capacities for a number of years, so it was an easy decision when I came down to Mount Horeb.

Mount Horeb has always been part of my geographical circle. While I grew up in the Cross Plains area and graduated from Middleton High School, I currently live in Monona. But I’m actively looking to purchase a home in Mount Horeb, so if you have any good leads, let me know!

What is your favorite part of the job?

Without a doubt, getting to know our patients and their families and being able to help people in a meaningful way. At the end of the day, that’s what makes this work fun and rewarding. You never know what will be meaningful to someone else, and sometimes even what feels like a small gesture may be exactly what the other person needs at the moment. We’re able to build true relationships with our patients and take the time to offer advice and guidance — no matter how big or small. In our local pharmacy, we are blessed to have those opportunities every day.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Spending time with family is first and foremost. My son, Timothy,  is in middle school at Monona Grove and, at 14, is still willing to hang out with me! We rotate between watching The Office and Parks and Rec together. My parents live near Springfield/Martinsville, and we frequently spend time together – Bistro 101 is a favorite meeting spot! My brother, sister and their families live in the Chicago area, so we try to visit as often as possible.

In terms of hobbies,  I generally have 10 to 12 historical books I’m in various stages of reading, depending on which I am in the mood for (No, they’re not all serious, sometimes a quick fluff read is just perfect!). I also enjoy singing and have sung in a number of choirs in the Madison area. This means you will likely hear me singing along to the radio at the pharmacy as well — apologies in advance!

Our family also has a cabin on the chain of lakes near Eagle River, and that is a favorite summer destination.

Matt & Jen, owners of Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy

Do you have any other professional accolades you’d like to highlight?

All of the friendships I have built with coworkers and others in the pharmacy profession over the years. It’s so rewarding to hear from previous coworkers and realize that my work and efforts have made a difference for others.

Where do you see the profession of pharmacy going?

When I started working in pharmacy, it was largely about dispensing medications, which is obviously still part of what we do. 

But, in recent years, pharmacy has shifted to being one of the easiest and most consistent points of contact between patients and their healthcare team. Pharmacies are vital members of that team – communicating between patients and doctors, providing a wide variety of vaccines, and being the most accessible (and FREE!) resource when questions or concerns arise.

Pharmacy is well-positioned to provide true wellness education and care, turning the focus from simply dispensing prescriptions to evaluating how to best treat and manage the underlying conditions.

Anything else we should know?

As a local independent business, we are committed to supporting other local businesses. The clothing, candles, soaps, lotions, and other gift items that we are bringing in are all chosen because they fit our goal of staying local. With our fantastic team, we’re eager to expand our focus on health and wellness.