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Do you have questions about CoQ-10?

Do you have questions about CoQ-10?

We have answers!

CoQ-10 is a powerful antioxidant that supports cell energy production and provides wide-ranging cardiovascular support.

What does that mean? Well, CoQ-10 is one of the nutrients our bodies use to fuel everything we do. We all need adequate energy levels! Some signs of low CoQ-10 levels are muscle cramps, spasms, weakness, elevated blood pressure, and even slowed thinking.

Many medications can lower levels of good nutrients in our bodies, including CoQ-10. If you take a cholesterol medication (like a statin), you will likely have low CoQ-10 levels. Supplementing with CoQ-10 can relieve the muscle cramping and weakness often associated with statin medications. Come in and ask your MoHo Family Pharmacy crew if CoQ-10 is a good option for you!