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Sean Baltes

Pharmacy Intern

Meet Our New Pharmacy Intern, Sean Baltes

Kenosha-born, Madison-resident, and a now a proud member of our Mount Horeb pharmacy team, you’ll find Sean behind the counter learning the pharmacy business. As the middle sibling, he’s mastered the art of balance – whether it’s enjoying a tranquil fishing afternoon, taking on nature trails, or indulging in a novel. Pro tip: If you want the scoop on the best-tasting protein powders, he’s your go-to!

Continuing to Help The Community

Throughout 2022, Sean volunteered at some of our vaccine clinics and was a tremendous help. We are very lucky that he decided to continue working with us and joined our team in January 2023. 

I love that Mount Horeb allows me to speak with and help our patients! Many other pharmacies do not have the ability to focus so much on each patient and it becomes apparent in how much we are able to address any problems or concerns that our patients face.

– Sean Baltes, Pharmacy Intern

The MoHo team is immensely grateful to have the addition of Sean. He is a hard worker that we already find invaluable to our store.We are not just grateful for his presence; we are also excited about the potential and dynamism he brings to the future of pharmacy!