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Ashley Van Galen

Pharmacy Clerk, Task Specialist

Meet Our Pharmacy Clerk: Ashley Van Galen

Ashley has been working with the pharmacy since 2017. She lives in Mount Horeb with her family and loves how peaceful and friendly the town is. She especially loves the annual Mount Horeb Art Fair.

All About Ashley

In her free time, Ashley can be found shopping at Hot Topic, running on her treadmill, playing her guitar, or spending time with her family. She also has a cute little hamster named Baby that her and her sister love to play with and shower with gifts.

To stay active and healthy, Ashley likes her walks, biking, and making yummy, yet healthy meals and snacks with her sister. She also really loves it when we have little, delicious treats at work 🙂

Ashley’s favorite books include Nancy Drew and The History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while she loves the Transformers, Indiana Jones, and Spiderman movies. Some of her favorite restaurants to grab food from are Hong Kong Cafe, Buffalo Wild Wings, and North and South.

“I love Mount Horeb because it is a great, quiet, and peaceful town, and is friendly. It’s also connected with Madison where I like to hang out and have fun, either with my sister or all of my family. There are so many great people who live in Mount Horeb, and many friends. I love going to the Mount Horeb Art Fair every year, and once in a while my family goes to Wisconsin Dells.” -Ashley

We are grateful to have Ashley on our team for the past several years and counting. Her friendliness and love for the community makes her an excellent pharmacy clerk and we are immensely happy she is a part of our Mount Horeb Family Pharmacy team.